Every Pixel Counts

Every Pixel Counts

Live action shoot cancelled? Why not use CG and animate it instead!

The global advertising industry is no stranger to disruption and turmoil. The current outbreak of COVID-19, means brands cannot rely on live action shooting. MPC has adapted its business to provide creative solutions remotely and develop new and innovate ways of working with clients using CG.

We are proud to say we’re the most awarded creative production studio in the world and continue to create fresh new content by focussing on innovative creative and improved CG techniques to provide a raft of solutions.

As many industry shoots are being cancelled or postponed, our creative teams are now working remotely helping Ad Agencies and Brands create content in the face of adversity. With most live shoots on hold or cancelled we have been creating fully CG content including digital humans, environments, weather systems, characters, animals, food, cars, mobiles and much more.

Jonathan Davies, Managing Director at MPC London commented:

“I am immensely proud that 95% of our creatives and artists from the London Studio are working remotely. The range of CG, animation and VFX we are working on has never been broader and I hope we continue to provide a degree of normality for our clients, partners, colleagues and the broader industry.”

MPC’s campaign “Every Pixel In CG”, highlights the breadth of work which can be delivered in 100% in CG.


Our London teams created this moving and multi-award-winning spot for Samsung, featuring a dreamy Ostrich achieving the impossible.


MPC has a long and proud history of creating photo-real CG animals for advertising and film with the Oscar award winning and Oscar nominated The Lion King and The Jungle Book to name a few.


From beginning to end, our artists can create 100% photo-realistic environments, check out this fun spot for Honda, featuring an imaginary world of trophies, featuring more than 40 unique characters.


Photoreal food that gets the tastebuds tingling? It looks just as delicious as the real thing, maybe better! Take a look at our CG food for Postmates, Kraft Food and Galaxy, it’s good enough to eat!


As live action product and packaging shoots have been impacted globally, we can help with desirable, hyper-realistic solutions, no challenge is too big, package too detailed.


It might surprise you to know that one of the hardest, yet most rewarding creations to make, are hard-surface assets like CG cars. Our teams have delivered high-quality renders for Lexus, Honda and Bentley.


We create believable digital humans, see below young Elton John in a film created for John Lewis.


Our specialized motion designers utilize the principles of graphic design combined with our award winning filmmaking and video production expertise to develop typography animation, titles design, branding and visualizations. These aesthetic solutions allow brands to craft distinct visual languages that tap into every emotion.

Check out our Motion Design reel featuring elements from Lynx’s high-energy 25th Anniversary spot, Samsung’s mind bending ‘Awesome is For Everyone’, Spotify’s fun ‘Playlist of The Decade’ ad and the futuristic Nike x Footlocker campaign.


From branding and graphics to titles and live installations, our designers develop aesthetic solutions by crafting distinct visual languages that tap into every emotion.

Check out our Animation reel featuring award-winning work for the LEGO Group, Minecraft and Milka.


We continue to blur the lines of reality and fantasy and push the boundaries of CG in gaming communication.

Check out our CG Gaming reel featuring campaigns for PlayStation, Minecraft, FIFA, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and our 2020 award winning campaign with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.


Our teams can simulate real life physics to create visualisations of your products that simply wouldn’t be possible using real cameras and real liquid, as seen in Pirates Of The Caribbean and Aquaman.

Any vision can become a reality from close ups, swirls, freezing, melting or boiling, just set us the challenge so we can bring it to life.


Many brands are finding CG Fashion a benefit in a world of shoot delays and lockdowns. If you are looking to grow your online sales or plan for next seasons collection then check out our fashion reel, featuring CG fashion for Uniqlo and Timberland.


Shooting plates require only a very small and nimble crew, such as pursuit vehicle, drone crew or even DP/camera operator on their own. Existing content that is still relevant and still delivers drives a meaningful message in the current climate may simply need the product updating to the latest model. Cars, Phones & electrical goods can be replaced with photoreal CG versions of the product.

Feel free to contact us for more information on helping with your business continuity – https://www.moving-picture.com/contact/