Technicolor Creative Studios celebrates the VFX chills and thrills that make this Halloween season the scariest ever.

Our annual round-up of Halloween scares highlights some of the most memorable and mesmerizing work from across Technicolor Creative Studios. Our out-of-this world talent never miss an opportunity to push the boundaries on VFX to up the fear factor or heighten the suspense. Check out a few of our favorites, streaming now or coming to the big screen soon!

American Horror Story: Double Feature – Season 10 Trailer

MPC teamed-up with FX Networks to bring two colliding worlds together in a promo for this season’s Emmy-winning drama, American Horror Story. The VFX was led by MPC Creative Director Morten Vinther, who says Halloween is one of his favorite times of year as a VFX artist: “Whether we’re dealing with aliens, vampires, monsters, zombies, or the paranormal, VFX has always been the go-to for bringing these things to life in a believable way.” Check it out here and feel the horror.

Trick or Treat? To mark the occasion of Halloween, MPC has opened its ‘vault’ of horror magic to reveal how they bring to life the visions of storytellers … and sometimes their darkest nightmares! Take a look at some of their hair-raising work and tricks of the trade.

Then reward yourself with the perfect treat that MPC makes look dangerously tempting.

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