MPC partners with Luke White on adidas’ ‘Deerupt’ spot from Johannes Leonardo.

To showcase adidas’ new Deerupt model, the brand needed a film that stood out from the rest. The sleek spot, directed by White Label’s Luke White with VFX by MPC, features a mesmerizing grid screen sequence. The grid is a designed mash up of different screens playing videos that clash with each other, revealing glimpses of adidas’ original models, until the new Deerupt sneaker is finally revealed.

Alvin Cruz, MPC’s Creative Director, said: “Post-production played an important role in bringing the different grid sections into one cohesive film. Individual moments clash and play off each other but an overall fluid journey is found with clever image match and an evolution in how the simulated grid looks from start to finish.”

The film, which intertwines sound, design and VFX seamlessly, takes a conceptual and progressive approach. Alvin added: “The film is an abstract concept with interesting imagery – nothing seen before from the brand or in other sneaker campaign films.”

The spot is part of a larger campaign that includes four unique spots and versions for various channels including television, social media and cinema.