MPC partners with director Dougal Wilson on campaign for Apple.

Even for those of us that don’t have the iPhone X, we know about its facial recognition technology – Face ID is a secure and private way to unlock your phone. But imagine the possibilities if your face could unlock all of the locked-up things around you? That is what Apple set out to show in the iPhone X “Unlock” film.

The spot features a female high school student using Face ID for the first time. After she unlocks her phone, a whole world unlocks around her.  Anything that was previously locked, she can now open with just a glance throughout her high school– lockers, doors, a gymnasium supply closet and even a science lab with test animals inside. After an almost telekinetic spree on her high school, a friend’s text brings her back into reality. She is pulled back into her phone, and again, unlocks it with a look.

As most of the sequences were shot in camera, the 2D compositing was instrumental in solving each shot. Wilson  puppeteered and captured the myriad of elements in camera throughout, which we see popping out from desks, cupboards and doors. Countless plates of him throwing books, trumpets and a plethora of items around the set were captured, which the MPC team then worked on.