BarclaycardFind Your Happy Place

Barclaycard’s new campaign humorously highlights the truth that Brits often attend events that they are not necessarily into for the sake of their nearest and dearest. With a huge range of events, perks and savings on tickets, Barclaycard’s entertainment offering helps all customers get to their ‘happy place’.

The two films from Droga5 were directed by Nick Ball. MPC handled the VFX which included compositing multiple crowd plates, set extensions and enhancing the on-set FX.

VFX Supervisor David Filipe said:

“Nick and Droga5 were a lot of fun to work with. From the outset, they had a very clear vision of what was required in post, that helped us plan the VFX well in advance, allowing them to really enhance the storytelling in this fun-filled advert”.

Second Film: