BBCStrictly Come Dancing

MPC’s Duncan Russell grades playful new Strictly promo

Directed by Samuel Abrahams of Caviar for BBC Creative, the trailer shows some of Strictly’s finest dancers put on their glad rags and strutting their stuff in this cinematic celebration of camp.

MPC colourist Duncan Russell provided the grade:

“I have been collaborating with Tim Sidell since sometime around the Pliocene Epoc and it’s fair to say we know each other fairly well. So imagine the height of my eyebrows when I heard this painterly, gentle and supremely subtle DoP was booked to shoot a trailer for Strictly. I needn’t have worried. What he shot was so colourful and playful that it slotted perfectly between the two seemingly disparate worlds. Sam Abrahams was the soothsayer that picked him for the job and under his direction the line was walked between sophisticated artfulness and the kind of bombastic indulgence that makes Strictly so popular. For my part, it was all about the green, parakeet colours were the reference. Deep and lustrous and bold was the brief and that is what they got”.