BoursoramaBrad Pitt


For this new film for Boursorama, the creative agency Buzzman had the crazy idea – feature Brad Pitt using the bank mobile app and card  but without pitching anything! The star actor has been muted during the entire length of the commercial as it relies on a strong brand message – Boursorama does not need Brad Pitt to recommend its services since close to 50% of the current customers are through recommendations of their relatives or friends.

Director François Rousselet wanted the spot to look like a genuine Hollywood movie, so it was shot with an 35mm camera, equipped with anamorphic lenses. Mikros MPC team created the user interface of the mobile phone as well as the whole NYC environment, given the film was actually shot in on a backlot in Los Angeles.

In order to recreate the missing parts of NYC, Guillaume Parra, CG Supervisor at Mikros MPC, went to New York to conduct on-location scouting photoshoots and data capture to obtain references of the exact places and lighting that inspired the backlot set. Guillaume Parra commented:

“There were two main challenges. The first one was obviously to create the set extensions with matte painting and camera mapping techniques to ensure we could achieve a high level of realism out of the pictures I had taken in Soho. And the second one was to ensure we could properly render the characteristic light of New York, which intensity and direction are impacted by the architecture of the town and its quarters”

With such a variety of different components, colour grading played a key role in bringing it all together.

Jean-Clement Soret, Global Creative Director of Colour Grading MPC, who worked on the project via Mikros MPC’s exclusive remote grading network with MPC London, commented:

“Boursorama is a complex colourgrading project with a look reminiscent of American 80’s TV series, a take on film print emulation. The heavy set extension needed to be integrated in the colour space created. Various lighting conditions needed to be brought back to a common denominator to ensure the homogeneity of the entire movie.”

This spot marks Mikros MPC’s third collaboration in 2019 with director Francois Rousselet after Paco Rabanne’s Epic Race and Citroen’s brand video.

BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER