BurberryOpen Spaces


MPC re-teamed with MEGAFORCE, through Riff Raff Films, to help Burberry’s latest campaign ‘Open Spaces’ take flight in a pioneering film that blends reality with fantasy. After the success of Festive, our teams were all in when the directing quartet approached us to work on the new Christmas film.


With freedom and exploration and the heart of the campaign’s philosophy, we were asked to craft the visual effects and photoreal CG behind the scenes where Burberry’s cast can be found bounding weightlessly through fields and into the skies – defying gravity. From extensive photogrammetry to CG scenery, we provided the two key sequences that enabled Burberry’s cast and garments to express their freedom and inspire people to explore new spaces in a visually stunning film set in the British Countryside.

Alex Lovejoy, Creative Director at MPC said: “The end cliff scene was camera tracked and post visualised with a CG cliff to provide an accurate guide for the drone plate photography. We combined the plate of the cliff by matching the different cameras in CG, a little beauty work on the cliff edge and sunset feel for the very end. It was an amazing project to be involved in, working with Megaforce is always great fun!”

William Laban, CG Supervisor at MPC adds: “We used Houdini’s procedural scatter tools to quickly iterate the forest elements. Speedtree was integral to the forest sequence, it gave us a strong starting point for all the trees and vegetation, allowing us to churn out lots of variations with preset dynamics. A fun little thing we did was go back to the shoot location with a Mavic Air 2, we then shot some high resolution pictures to project as textures in 3D. Another big CG number was the lake shot. We ended up recreating the entire shot from the original flying green screen plates with CG and DMP, the only real elements were the plates of the actors. There was a plethora of scatter systems for the forest, custom FX sims for the grass and water interactions.”


Only a day after the launch of Burberry’s Open Spaces campaign, the spot had been viewed 250,000 times on the brands Instagram account, with 24k views on YouTube, and has been covered in the press from Campaign Magazine to The Guardian’s social accounts.