ChobaniWonderful World of Less

MPC teams up with Chobani team to create surrealistic world in stunning new campaign

When Chobani wanted to showcase their “Less Sugar” product line, they took a beautiful and imaginative view on excess and showed what happens when the world decides to have less!

MPC helped bring the brand’s vision to life, creating a world where items are stripped away to create a world containing less material things. In “Wonderful World of Less”, objects such as coats, boxes, trunks start to float away, and even skyscraper buildings, with each floor being lifted away one-by-one towards the sky. “Thanks Gemini” shows technological items being simultaneously packed away around a room, including a helpful robot called Gemini.

Michael Gregory, Creative Director at MPC, commented on the process of making the floating items sequences seamless: “Patrick wanted to get as much in camera as possible, and we had multiple practical rigs that gave us a fantastic base to build upon in CG.