Color Of ChangeChanging America

Color Of Change – Changing America

Together let’s replace symbols of racism with symbols of equality. We’re proud to partner with Color Of Change to celebrate Black History Month USA. Hundreds of Confederate statues, monuments and busts across the United States stand as symbols of those who fought in defence of slavery. While some have been removed in recent years, many remain. A new effort from Color Of Change uses virtual reality to replace these figures with others from the civil rights movement.

MPC provided VFX and colour by James Tillett, Tom McCullough, Marcus Wood and David Manzo

“We cannot allow symbols like monuments to be a consolation prize — they must accompany real efforts to change laws and outcomes for real people, which is why we’re focusing on three of the many heroes fighting for concrete, anti-racist policy changes that will transform our country for the better,”

Rashad Robinson, president of Color Of Change.