DaciaIngenious Productions


Car brand Dacia has launched a do-it-yourself TV spot showing the power of innovation in creating advertising during the coronavirus pandemic.

VFX Supervisor, David Filipe, said:

“This film has such a fresh, unique take in production of what can be done in your living room from home. We were tasked with creating the atmosphere, environment and feel at the start of the advert so it gives viewer the faux idea that the car is moving. Vania and Gal knew the feel and ‘flare’ of what needed to be put in the advert before we even commenced in post, which gave us an extremely clear direction of what they wanted. They were really happy with the final output… and we are too.”

Directed by Iconoclast’s Vania & Muggia with VFX and colour grade by MPC, the ingenious ad was filmed in the directors’ flat in Tel Aviv, Israel. The spot begins with a Dacia Duster as it drives through the night, before zooming out to show the resourceful production behind the film, with a miniature model of the car appearing to drive against a laptop background while a hairdryer and other devices provide road-like background noise.

A drill, record player and bike lights also came in handy to create the spot’s atmosphere, while “Voiceover Guy” declares via the phone speaker: “You don’t need a Hollywood budget to bag yourself a blockbuster.”