DiadoraPowered by Defiance


Powered by Defiance was launched by the Italian sportswear brand Diadora for their Spring/Summer 2018 campaign with the strong intent to capture the resistance of sportswear style through a street battle.

To ensure that the campaign resonate with the youth market, Junta chose to bring a flavor of a music video clip, up to integrating some esthetic codes such as glitch effects. Datamoshing has been chosen in the early phases of the project development for the scene transitions, and as such, to bring a different touch to Diadora’s advertisement.

A real challenge to the teams of Mikros MPC who were selected for the project on their approach to datamoshing effects. The artists had to control what is uncontrollable by nature, as datamoshing ressembles a compression bug.

The creation of the final effects happened to be far more difficult than expected as it ended impossible to obtain a satisfactory result through traditional approach and software.

Damien Canameras, lead Flame artist commented:

“As we were muddling through extensive research and multiple trials on creating manually the compression effects in a traditional manner, I realized that I had to rethink completely the approach. By leveraging our in-house datalab capabilities, we’ve been able to create these compressions that I would then rework through compositing.”

“This project was a great learning experience,” he added. “By questioning our artistic approach, we learnt how to produce more efficiently these compression effects, but we also learnt about the conditions under which datamoshing could apply through the editing phase. Therefore we also produced glitches and fractal distortion on this project. A nice challenge for a flame artist!”