Doja Cat x The WeekndYou Right


Doja Cat’s music video ‘You Right’, her collaboration with The Weeknd has been released in tandem with her new 14-song album, ‘Planet Her’. Aligned with the cosmic aesthetic of the entire album, ‘You Right’ features Doja Cat in an imaginary universe set in a kingdom in the clouds. As she performs in the various areas of her magnificent palace, The Weeknd appears as an oblivious partner before reuniting in the galaxy.
Directed by Quentin Deronzier for La Pac, the film required a mix of live-action shooting in studio and on location, as well as the craft of large scale VFX, which all needed to be completed in a challenging short timeframe while working remotely due to travel constraints.

Director Quentin Deronzier’s intent was to bring the viewers into a palatial fantasy world, filled with Libran symbology – the singer’s zodiac sign.

Based on high-concept visuals, he developed a previz with meticulously detailed rollouts. The extensive VFX work was then split between La Pac and Mikros MPC. Leveraging the global network of MPC’s studios, the team led on a large range of VFX and flame works, CG assets such as a beating heart and FX. Particular attention was given to all the shots requiring water.

To ease the supervision and the production of the film, Mikros MPC also hosted Quentin Deronzier and his team within its premises and provided access to their technology infrastructure as they had to handle the live shooting in Los Angeles remotely.

After a first successful partnership between Quentin Deronzier and Mikros MPC on Balenciaga’s SS22 fashion show ‘Clones’ using deepfake technology, AI and more, the collaboration on this long-awaited music video made a huge impact, generating more than 19.5 million views on YouTube in 4 days.