E.LeclercLe Casse-Tête de Noël

Mikros MPC helps E.Leclerc solve Christmas menu headache

A study launched by E.Leclerc, the French hypermarket chain and IPSOS, a global leader in market research, recently stated that 52% of French consumers want to celebrate Christmas their own way, without compromising on their personal needs to meet some expectation of the traditional family meal. This can cause headaches for hosts needing to now satisfy everyone’s needs! This was the impetus for the latest spot from E.Leclerc.

Directed by Luis Cervero for BETC, E.Leclerc demonstrates their ability to deliver everyone’s food choice regardless of eating habits. Viewers are brought into a discussion that a couple is having while shopping for food. Over the course of the dialogue, a boundless and magical choreography takes place with flipping, sliding, appearing and disappearing meals, table decoration and even guests.

To bring this scenario to life, the teams at Mikros MPC were involved from early stages and worked heavily on the 3D previz and ‘techviz.’ This step was critical to the final production as various constraints such as the size of the studio, the position of the different elements on the table and the camera technical specifications all needed to be precisely planned. For the delivery of the animatics, the team also used a rigged model of the camera that was imported into Maya to ensure the greatest level of precision. As a result, the previz was so accurate that it was used with no change on set for the shooting using motion control. The team of Mikros MPC was also present on the film set to support with live after-effects.

“Luis Cervero really wanted to have the movie shot in live action so the greatest challenge on set was to ensure that the choreography that we designed at previz stage could be achieved. That entailed that all the triggers were programmed and actioned in a highly precise timing, in synch with the acting scenario and that the camera could achieve all the moves that were initially planned. That was quite of an experience to work on a stage mounted 2m in height, full of hatches and rails,” says Damien Canameras, VFX Supervisor, Mikros MPC.

At post-production stage, the team provided multiple services such as rotoscopy, compositing, color grading and matte painting.

“We are very happy to have collaborated once more with Control Films and BETC on this project for E.Leclerc. Our team was deeply involved in this project, long before the shooting. All the research and work done for the previz, with director Luis Cervero, proved to be essential to bring this amusing and humorous touch in the traditional Christmas campaign period. A real pleasure to accompany a project from beginning to end that also illustrates the trust of our partners in our artists,” says Claire Garraud, Executive Producer, Mikros MPC.