Electric IrelandWe’re Brighter Together


Ireland’s largest energy supplier, Electric Ireland, and astronaut Chris Hadfield build a brighter and more sustainable future with an educational campaign celebrating the profound impact of small changes.

The film, directed by award-winning director Tomas Jonsgärden, with visual effects and color by MPC, combines magnificent cinematography with impeccable art direction and VFX to tell a beautifully crafted emotive story.

MPC’s role was integral in helping ROTHCO and Jonsgärden achieve their vision to tie two worlds together – space and everyday life in Ireland – into one singular and unified form. It was critical to the spot to utilize both the colour and lighting techniques to achieve the look of Ireland from Space, showing the lights come to life as dusk turns to nightfall.

Jean-Clément Soret, Global Creative Director of Color Grading at MPC commented:

“The campaign is an emotive and uplifting piece, based on how beautiful Ireland was whilst being observed through the eyes of Chris Hadfield whilst on board the International Space Station. Tomas, with his producer Magnus and the Red Rage team, set about extensive research and combined a highly technical and detailed set built at Kite Studios outside Dublin together with the very best in CGI craft and technology at The Moving Picture Company (MPC) in London.”