Feu VertLe Chat S’En Va


With almost 50 years of experience in car maintenance and tyre replacement, Feu Vert is revamping its brand identity by launching a new mobility service. For the past 15 years, the brand mascot ‘Ramses’ has captivated consumers. Buzzman imagined a brand refresh campaign that showcases change with continuity by encompassing the audience in a casting for the replacement of the mascot.

With a rich heritage and reputation in photoreal characters, Mikros MPC created and animated the four animals (cat, hyena, peacock and shark) .

Ramses, the cat, was developed from the basis of existing assets and reworked from rig to fur so that the identity of the mascot matched the existing brand identity, while bringing a fresh new look. The photoreal character was made extra realistic with particular attention given to the texture, fur, rendering and of course its animation.

The campaign intends to elevate the irreplaceable brand mascot, Ramses. “At Feu Vert, there is no substitute for the expert…” is the slogan in support of the new branding. The campaign launched due to the popularity of the mascot, with a consumer petition launched to maintain the famous cat, while modernizing it and giving the brand a fresh look in line with the diversification of its activities.