Fruit of the LoomUnnoticeable Spokesperson

CP+B partners up with MPC again on Fruit of the Loom’s latest comical spot

To launch their new campaign which promotes the seamlessness of their Women’s Everlight product, Fruit of the Loom teamed up with CP+B to create a witty, memorable and unique spot, partnering up with MPC who helped bring their idea to life. The spot, directed by O Positive’s David Shane, depicts a woman who can in some cases avoid unwanted situations by blending seamlessly into different everyday backgrounds such as a coffee shop, the market and the office.

MPC worked closely with CP+B to establish the key shots upfront, helping to determine what shots would work and how they would be executed, and MPC’s Mark Gethin graded the spot. Vicky Osborn, VFX Supervisor at MPC, was on set for the shoot and described the collaboration with the director: “David was great to work with and brought a very sharp sense of comic timing.”

Vicky also commented on the importance of the set-up of the shoot: “The delivery of the lines was key, whilst the movements needed to be carefully rehearsed to hit the right positions to blend into the background for each shot. A combination of wardrobe, hair and makeup was created to match the background as closely as possible from the specific camera angle. The talent needed to disappear convincingly into each background as part of her performance, whilst still retaining the charming, hand-painted feel.”

Although much of the blending scenes were shot practically, MPC did a lot of work to ensure everything matched up and the talent blended in convincingly with the backgrounds. 2D Lead Noah Caddis explained: “This project was unique in that we used a 2D approach for the spot to achieve a 3D effect. Although the talent was shot practically, we did a lot of work to match everything up and blend her into the background as she moved,” He added: “but we didn’t want to make it look too seamless as then the concept of the spot would be lost.”