HP OmenAchieve Gamefulness

MPC, Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai and The Sacred Egg ‘Achieve Gamefulness’ together in three creative spots for Omen by HP

The spots are all set in the fantastically surreal ‘Omen Training Facility’ and invite gamers to achieve mental stamina, focus and teamwork. The gamers, featuring well known professional Gamers Team RNG, are coached by ‘Gamefulness Masters’ who offer mentoring and philosophical teachings on how to ‘Achieve Gamefulness’.

The VFX team at MPC’s Shanghai studio, led by VFX Supervisor Patrick Firmansyah and CG Supervisor Christian Kalata, designed and created the CG exposed brains inside the glass skulls of all masters and gamers. In some shots more than 40 CG brains were visible, which required extreme precision from MPC’s match move and roto animation team.

MPC worked closely with Hamlet’s directors, The Sacred Egg, ahead of the shoot to design the look of the brains, experimenting with different sizes, colors, textures and lighting to arrive at the unique look. The challenge was making them appear real, but not too real. Practical lighting and makeup tests were carried out by the production team to ensure the CG brains could fit seamlessly into this surreal world.

The Sacred Egg commented, “We worked closely with MPC on how we were going to achieve this alternate world where gamers brains light up through glass skulls as they strive to achieve the heightened mental state of gamefulness. It was a pleasure collaborating on the creative development, working out the look and feel together. Light is one of the hardest things to fake in CGI so the level of craft that went into the finished brains and the picture as a whole is a testament to the skill and dedication of the team at MPC.”

A truly global MPC collaboration, the atmospheric grade was completed by Duncan Russell at our London studio, with Wieden+Kennedy attending in Shanghai and The Sacred Egg viewing remotely from our color grading partner in Denmark.

HP Omen – Teamwork

HP Omen – Stamina

HP Omen – Focus