HuluTime to have Hulu Shatter

MPC brings ‘Shattering’ VFX to Hulu’s Campaign Featuring Kris Jenner, Directed by Traktor

When you realize everything that you love is on Hulu, it can be quite…shattering.

MPC has re-teamed with acclaimed Directors, Traktor, to launch one of Hulu’s biggest creative campaigns. Our teams worked direct with Hulu to provide ‘shattering’ VFX on 11 unique spots featuring Kris Jenner, Andra Day and Aaron Donald, reacting to Hulu’s flexibility features. In the ad, we see celebrities drop props that break in a form of rigid objects as a metaphor that Hulu is shattering everyone’s expectations.

The new messaging is simple, letting viewers know that the service has everything they love on their service, from live sports to entertainment to reality television.

The VFX, 3D and 2D was led by Alvin Cruz, Vadim Turchim, Thiago Porto with colour grade by Jean-Clément Soret.