SAICIM what I am

MPC Shanghai have teamed up with director Marco Kalantari, production company Gwantsi and The W agency on a new futuristic concept film for SAIC Motor.

The film, launched under Zhiji Motor’s IM brand, takes a look at their new sedan model that launches this year. Rather than focusing on the car’s high-tech range of features, the film explores the duality of looking ahead to the future while simultaneously embracing the amazing possibilities of the here and now.

Marco Kalantari, said: “Amazing work by the team at MPC. It’s nothing short of a miracle that they pulled this complex job off in such a tight schedule. Movie magic made in Shanghai. Thank you.”

With no real car model available, all interior and exterior shots of the car were created in CG. MPC worked in close collaboration with the car designers to ensure accurate recreation of the concept vehicle with a limited amount of visual material available.

The exterior driving shots were shot with a dummy car which our team in Shanghai replaced with the CG car model. The interior dashboards were also re-created CG, replacing the placeholder practical interiors.

In addition to the car, our CG team designed the virtual world from scratch. The brief was to create a distinct world and the car’s high-tech navigation system which views our own world.

Christian Kalata, Head of CG, Shanghai, added: “The schedule was a challenge, so we had to plan and organize as much as possible prior to shooting. The car model was essentially still in production and not having access to the data one may normally hope for, the results are excellent and it’s a testament to the skill and craft of the MPC team. Marco’s passion and dedication to the project was remarkable, it was a pleasure to collaborate with him.”

The project ran for almost nine weeks and utilised a team of almost 80 artists to complete the final film.