IntermarchéUntil My Last Breath


In this exceptionally challenging year, Mikros MPC was honored to partner with Romance and French supermarket chain Intermarché on their latest movie directed by Katia Lewkowicz for Grand Bazar. The surprising and unconventional movie for Holiday 2020 is a touching tribute to all the medical staff and caregivers who have been instrumental in spear-heading the tackling of the health crisis.

The 3-minute film is shot in a documentary style and immerses the audience in a relevant, contemporary and heart moving story. It brings together the experiences of three protagonists, a hospital nurse, the wife and the son of a hospitalized man. Moments of their respective life have been captured and respond to each other highlighting a spectrum of feelings including fear, hope, tenderness, joy and finally gratitude.

As on the other films of Intermarché’s 2020 campaign, Mikros MPC teams provided post-production services from the editing, including after-effects and grading.

Until My Last Breath is the fourth and last opus of a saga which has been broadcasted from the start of the unprcedented year.

At the start of the lockdown period Intermarché launched its first movie, L’Amour Tout Court also directed by Katia Lewkowicz, that tells a story of a cashier and a customer who fall in love within 30 seconds as they meet at the Intermarché Drive.

In October, Intermarché unveiled Les Questions that explored the relationship between a child’s inquisitive mind and the efforts of Intermarché to improve the quality of products. Directed by Rudi Rosenberg for Insurrection, the 1min40 film unfolds the endearing portrait of a calm child in his phase of permanent questioning to the music of François Truffaut’s “400 coups”. His determination to obtain answers about the world around him is representative of today’s consumers having more demanding expectations driving their selection of the right product in their path to purchase.

In an interview given to Packshotmag, Romance’s Philippe Pinel commented:

“[…] The concept of each new opus of the saga is a challenge. Because we have both the chance but also an expected pressure to deliver on the brief. Our challenge is to always renew ourselves in order not to get tired, especially since many French brands have recently decided to adopt a long and emotional format. We always try to set new milestones that will be the basis of the rest of the saga and allow us to develop a unique character […] This Intermarché saga is indeed a real team story – even a  family story – between agency, talent and production.”