Just EatDid Somebody Say Just Eat?


Snoop Dogg joins forces with MPC and McCann to deliver Just Eat’s new campaign.

With the importance of food delivery heightened, Just Eat recruited Snoop Dogg to lighten our moods and write an original rap to accompany their latest ad.

The tongue in cheek multi-scene spot has MPC reteam with Director François Rousselet and McCann to cook up something fresh.

The ad sees Snoop Dogg getting the munchies whilst chilling in his crib and watching a ‘Did Somebody Say Just Eat’ advert on his TV before entering a number of psychedelic realms, inspired by Soul Train and iconic hip-hop videos from the 70s, 80s and 90s complete with smoking noodles, massive burgers and giant waffles. “Oodles of noodles, thank you my man, tacos to the chateaux, did somebody say Just Eat”, raps Snoop.

The spot was post-produced by our London, Bangalore and LA teams remotely with Fabian Frank leading the VFX Team who said: “It was a real joy creating a few mouth-watering CG set builds for Just Eat. We had fun creating a stack of CG waffles covered in chocolate sauce for Snoop to perform on! We started with a 3D scan and a texture shoot of a real waffle, to achieve the oversized look we altered some of the textures and surface by sculpting extra detail.”

Alex Lovejoy, Creative Director, said “It’s been a real treat to have worked with Just Eat… The ad was delivered almost entirely remotely through lockdowns across our global teams with agency and director reviews using Clear View technology on Flame which helped bring François’s vision to life.”

Jean-Clément Soret, Global Creative Director of Colour Grading, added: “This is an unusual project made of a mix of scenes representing different eras with bold grades and art direction. François Rousselet’s visual style brings a strong perspective and this is no exception.”