Land RoverThe Shape of Things to Come

MPC and Mikros team up for new Land Rover Defender campaign by Spark44

‘The Shape of Things to Come’ is a series of symbolic films created by Spark44.

The idea was to inherently link Defender’s unique iconic shape with the most challenging outdoor conditions and places, and to show its world-beating capability as we did so.

After the Defender drives through some incredibly testing environments, it is revealed that the terrain it has just conquered is in the shape of the vehicle itself.

These epic terrains include far-flung deserts, frozen mountains and stormy coastlines. The ultimate locations for the ultimate off-road vehicle.

Dessert and Ice were handled by Mikros MPC and Coast by MPC. For these movies, modelling works for the environments, the animation for the car, and FX for particles were provided by our post-production teams. Colour was provided by MPC Colourist Yoomin Lee.