LegoRebuild The World


For this global LEGO campaign, Mikros MPC teamed up with BETC, Stink and TRAKTOR to bring to life the adventures of an obstinate hunter trying to catch a mischievous and playful white rabbit in a town where anything can happen, fluctuating between realism and surrealism.


We created the prime character, the rabbit in full CG. The team researched how to humanise the rabbit by slightly adapting its movement and emotions. Another key factor to the rabbit was the styling of the fur, which took multiple iterations on several layers of hairs to meet a high level of realism, particularly notable in the chasing scenes. The other key player in this spot is the town itself. The film was shot in Valparaiso, Chili and despite the colour richness of the town, our team worked on every sequence to integrate the elements of the LEGO brand, requiring extensive matte painting and compositing.


The #RebuildTheWorld hashtag was repeated nearly 100,000 times during the first four days after launch, generating hundreds of thousands of campaign impressions. Positive sentiment for LEGO-branded keywords increased by 35%, and the #RebuildTheWorld campaign generated positive coverage in major industry and mainstream media outlets.

Discover the behind-the-scenes video here:

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