Digital Technology brand Leia Inc recruited Smith and Jones to develop the campaign for their newest product, who teamed up with director Ulf Johansson and MPC to bring the explosive ‘Breakthrough’ campaign visuals to life.

Kamen Markov, VFX Supervisor at MPC said: “Ulf Johansson’s style is one that relies heavily on achieving the impossible in camera. We were tasked with expressing his vision through photo-real visuals that alluded to the breakthrough nature of Leia’s technology. By crafting shots entirely in CGI and weaving in subtle VFX details, we were able to achieve the sense our actors were truly running on water and breaking through walls”.

Johansson’s showcase takes audiences on adventure that twists fantasy with reality, featuring protagonists breaking through walls and running on water, all to Bruno Coulais’ Oscar nominated music for the French movie Les Choristes.