LexusHybrid International


‘Hybrid Distruption’ is a five part series of dynamic 30’ films using unexpected visual tricks to educate viewers on the innovative technology, performance and reliability of Lexus hybrids.

The campaing was directed by Kit Lynch-Robinson, a specialist in automotive filmmaking, famous for his work on The Grand Tour and Top Gear, with VFX and grade from MPC.

Filmed in the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah, the project required a combination of cutting-edge equipment and craftmanship. MPC’s VFX Supervisor (2D) Jonathan Box who was on set for the shoot commented:

 “A project of this scale required a lot of meticulous planning and previz work right from the start. MPC worked closely with Kit and the team to offer our creative input, making sure the VFX was applied in the best possible way. It was a great collaborative process and a fun campaign to have been part of”.

The striking grade was provided by MPC’s Philip Hambi who commented:

 “The initial brief from Kit was to create a set of commercials that all co-existed together but that they all had their own look and feel. It was really important that the bulk of the grade took place after all of the projections were near completion as they drastically changed the dynamic of the shots. This is where the benefit of Jonathan Box, Ed Taylor and their team working on the flat ungraded files really comes in to play.”