Michelob Golden’s Super Bowl spot boosts 6×6-pack initiative to support organic farming

MPC partnered with Park Pictures’ Georgia Hudson on ‘Michelob 6×6,’ a visually creative and informative ad from FCB Chicago, which premiered at the 2020 Super Bowl. The spot opens with a powerful message about the lack of organic farm land in America, and the immense challenges faced by farmers aiming to transition today. It goes on to explain the Michelob 6×6-pack initiative, that for every 6 pack of beer purchased 6 square feet of farm land are transitioned to organic.

The spot is a display of the collaboration between FCB Chicago’s creative director, Gabriel Schimitt, and MPC’s creative director and VFX supervisor, Alvin Cruz. The extraordinary recreation of the Super Bowl stadium and crowd in celebration required a full CG takeover, led by 3D artist Chris Bernier. In addition, environment augmentation was done to create the land shots used in the spot.