MPC Amsterdam and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam team up to show that some things taste better together

The latest Milka brothers campaign aims to remind us to switch off our devices more often and spend some quality time together with our loved ones. Because the best moments in life, the most magical, are the ones we spend with the people we love.The heartwarming film follows two brothers through adolescence while highlighting their trials with love, magic and above all else chocolate.Ricky Weissman, Creative Director at MPC Amsterdam describes how the team were tasked with bringing an extra layer of magic to this already beautiful piece:

“The film called for several Milka Character Cookie jars to be animated and composited into live action environments seamlessly. We also created and designed a moment with some larger than life shadow puppets that worked very nicely. With the help of our 3d modeling/animation teams and compositing teams we were able to deliver a beautiful set of results that intermingle and help define the reality of this story”

This marks a continued collaboration between MPC Amsterdam and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam following the recent Milka “Dark Milk” spot.