NikeEnjoy The Ride

MPC helps brings fun campaign to life for Nike

When Nike wanted to showcase the new Joyride shoe, they were looking for a campaign that showed the unique sole material – the shoe, which has been described as a ‘high-tech bean bag for your feet’ has tiny foam beads in the soles. ‘Enjoy the ride’ literally shows these balls releasing from the shoes and bouncing around the screen as people run through the sunny streets.

We handled all of the VFX, partnering with Creative Directors Santiago & Mauricio throughout. MPC’s Creative Director Alvin Cruz said, “We worked closely with Santiago & Mauricio, offering our creative input on what would and wouldn’t work, but staying true to their original vision of the beads coming directly from the shoes.”

MPC’s VFX Supervisor Vadim Turchin added, “We went through many different iterations of how the beads would bounce and interact with each other and surrounding objects throughout the film, using Vellum in Houdini to achieve the final effect.”

We also worked directly with the in-house creative team at Nike. “It was great to work with Nike on such a fun campaign, and it was a hugely collaborative process between all of the teams. We’re all very happy with the final result,” commented Alvin.

The campaign was graded by MPC’s James Tillett, who enhanced the vibrant San Diego setting, bringing it to life and unifying the different elements.