NIKE EsportsCamp Next Level

MPC teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai, The Loft and director Adam Lau to produce the epic new campaign for Nike Esports.

Esports is big news and big business. With the League of Legends Championships taking place in Shanghai later in 2020, Nike’s new campaign may seem like a paradoxical partnership, but the hilarious 90sec film explores how physical and mental training can give gamers a true competitive edge.

With the project having a short VFX schedule MPC worked closely with W+K from initial concept stage to try and help develop ideas and understand what VFX solutions were possible. The testing process allowed us to understand the demands and ensure enough time was given to each key VFX sequence including the CG building exterior, explosions, fireballs, punching bag, Rubik’s cube and laser gun.

The collaboration between production, agency, client and the VFX team was crucial, our creative director and project supervisor Barry Greaves explains:

“I love working with the crew at W+K, the open relationship we have with the team keeps communication both clear and direct which is great when presented with a project like this. It’s always a welcome challenge to be left to develop their ideas or make our own suggestions. With extensive testing and planning prior to the shoot we were able to align ourselves with the director, agency and client’s vision which proved to be an extremely efficient and collaborative process.”

Our CG supervisor Paolo Gnoni describes some of the challenges we faced:

“We faced many challenges throughout the project; the most difficult was to create a whole FX sequence for the massive explosion, we didn`t know until the final edit the length or final framing of the shots, by which time we only had two weeks in the schedule. We had to rebuild the whole environment from the dusty ground up to the digital matte-painted mountain scape. The set designs were amazing, the machines in the laser sequence were actually functioning and the detailed sets enabled us to collect data like never before which is crucial to create realistic CG.”

Our head of color, Nikola Stefanović provided the final vibrant grade once all the effects were completed.