NikeFurther Than Ever

MPC teams up with Nike once again on powerful campaign “Further Than Ever”

Released just ahead of International Women’s Day, the campaign from Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai is a celebration of women in a range of different sports. Facing negativity at every turn, the doubts, the inner voices and still succeeding, overcoming the social prejudice. Directed by Academy Films’ Ian Pons Jewell, the inspiring 90-second film is a series of fast-paced vignettes featuring a mix of sporting superstars and everyday women who have realised their dreams and achieved great success.

MPC’s Shanghai studio, who worked on previous Nike campaign “Sorry Bill”, handled the VFX, finishing and grade for this latest spot. MPC’s Creative Director Barry Greaves, commented on the importance of being collaborative: “Creatively, the film is very conceptual and abstract. Being on the same page with the agency and director on the look and style of each vignette was vital. Every scene was mapped out in advance to establish this.”

The execution of these quick-changing sequences was also key: “Technically, the biggest challenge for us was the boxing scene, where we added a crowd to a 15-second shot with a continuously moving camera covering 360 degrees. We explored a variety of 2D and CG solutions for the crowd to achieve the final result.”
The film was graded by MPC colourist Nikola Stefanovic who did the final grade, and as each vignette was distinct, the colour added the final polish.

This campaign is the second time that the Shanghai studio has worked with director Ian Pons Jewell and it marks a continuous partnership with the agency. MPC’s Managing Director Lily Li said: “There was a key element of trust between all parties and it felt like a true collaboration, with us all working towards the same goal of creating an influential and significant campaign.”