OVO EnergyThe Home Front

MPC provides grade for OVO Energy’s fight against climate change

Created by 20something and directed by Siri Bunford through Knucklehead, ‘The Home Front’ highlights what we can all do to reduce our collective carbon footprint, tackle climate change and preserve our world for future generations.

The aspiration for the campaign is to provide much-needed optimism and a sense of agency to a population with rising eco-anxiety, reinforcing the belief that although individual actions may not feel significant, they really can make a difference when we act together.

MPC Colourist Matthieu Toullet discussed his approach to the grade:

“As the advertisement was shot on two different formats (RED and 16mm) we wanted there to be uniformity between the both, and we wanted to give the audience the impression that everything was shot on 16mm. In addition it was important for this grade, to bring a feeling of truth and authenticity to give it a documentary-style, to bring the audience close to all the families.”