Palace Skateboards take Tokyo

This video marks the latest collaboration between MPC, Jonah Hill and Palace. We watch one man and his momentous struggle through never ending corridors of increasing peril as he battles ghouls, giant buzz saws, grabby hands, stepping stones and terrifying falls from a great height. Not forgetting pausing to have a little chat with Jonah Hill’s severed head. All just to buy a shitty little Palace t-shirt from the newly opened flagship Palace Skateboards store in Tokyo, Japan. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be glad it isn’t as hard for you to get your hands-on Palaces’ tasty clobber if you know how to use the internet. Phew. (For the really keen viewer, the physical geography and architecture of the corridors, which our hero battles through is an exact realization of a giant Palace Tri-Ferg triangular logo which our hero battles through).

MPC Producer, Richard Skinner explained what it was like to work with director Stuart Tanju & Palace Skateboards: “Working with Stuart Tanju & Palace directly as a client is always a fun experience. Working directly from inside the brand itself, Stuart Tanju is in a unique position to conceive ideas and follow through on them with only the working out ‘how to make it’ getting in the way. Which is where MPC come in bringing those ideas to screen”.