PMUQue Les Meilleurs Gagnent

The Epic Horserace That Enhances Performance and Emotion

Since this year, PMU has refocused its positioning strategy to make the horseraces as an intense game, from the standpoint of the performers and the bettors.

The new PMU campaigns highlights these two components by putting at the forefront emotion and authenticity in an epic race throughout various key historical milestones and discoveries. The teams of Mikros MPC collaborated very closely with the agency Buzzman and the director Matthijs Van Heijningen along every steps of the film conception, as from the shooting in South Africa, to deliver an impactful message.

“Being present on the film shooting was a great opportunity for us to also exchange with Matthijs and the team on the various scenes. Our scope of action became much clearer for us and we could seize the opportunity to guide the team on what could be achieved with special effects or other services”, says Laurent Creusot, VFX Supervisor, Mikros MPC.

In parallel of the shooting, Mikros MPC team provided 3D modelling for several assets such as the spaceship, spacecraft, the Troyan horse, so that the editing phase could be the most efficient as possible.

As the film was shot in camera, Mikros MPC provided a large array of post-production and VFX services for each of the sequences. More particularly, the artists from Mikros MPC provided FX on flames, smoke, dust, in addition to other CGI for the helmet visor, reflection, characters and crowd, grading, matte painting, …. And compositing for the integration of all these elements.

And the result is here: the campaign was based on a film of 75sec that was broadcasted on linear TV channels during the first three days and a shorter version of 30 seconds for the remaining three weeks, in parallel of a social media campaign that distributed the two formats. The film received recently the Grand Prix Stratégies de la Publicité 2019, granted by French brands’ representatives and a Cannes Lions Film bronze award.

“From the moment we received the script, we knew the project would be spectacular, while creating a strong connection with the audience of PMU. By leveraging our international studio infrastructure in Paris, Amsterdam and London, we have been able to organize weekly meetings with the director and the agency, which allowed us to deliver very smoothly this incredible feature-like project”, says Claire Garraud, Executive Producer, Mikros MPC.