TescoChristmas 2019 #DeliveringChristmas

MPC and BBH London team up for a spot of festive time-travelling with Tesco

Created by BBH London and directed by Stink’s Traktor, the spot follows the journey of Joel, a Tesco delivery driver making his final drop offs before Christmas. He gets caught up in some street lights, which send him back in time to make deliveries to the likes of the Queen, Winston Churchill at 10 Downing Street, dancers at a rave and to game show host Jim Bowen on an episode of Bullseye.

MPC handled the VFX led by Kamen Markov and grade by Jean-Clément Soret.

As the story revolves around the idea of time jumping, one of the main tasks for the MPC team was to create and design these time jump looks. Kamen said: “We were inspired by classic movies such as Back to the Future, Terminator plus the more recent TV show Umbrella Academy. We then combined what we liked to create what we hope is our own, unique take on a time jump look”.

Various matte paintings and set extensions were used to help transform modern day UK back to the 1920s or 1970s. “One of my favorite scenes is when the driver and his van land on top of a house roof in the 70s. It’s a beautiful shot created basically from nothing, entirely digital with matte painting and CG deers and sleigh” explained Kamen.

Unusually, the team created and composited all the elements and time jump effects entirely in Flame. Kamen commented: “We went down that route because Flame is uniquely placed to give the best combination of speed of design, revisions and finishing of the look, all in one place.”

On collaborating with the directors Kamen added: “Traktor have a fantastic wealth of experience and finely tuned vision of what they want. Not only that, but as they have a very good understanding of the post production process so working with them is always a very positive and rewarding experience”.