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With a heritage of more than 120 years, Thomson is renowned for bringing useful and accessible innovation to all. Recognized by 99% of French consumers, the brand is intrinsically related to reliability, quality, simplicity, elegance and everyday use. The new 2020/2021 campaign communicates the core values of the brand and its tagline “Friendly Technology” by embodying their values in flagship products. This new campaign represents to two main objectives:

  1. Improve brand awareness in relation with three product universes
  2. Advertise new products at strategic sales periods of the year in France.

It consists of three spots, each in 20s and 6s formats available on social media, catch-up TV channels and specialized websites, at strategic selling periods:

  • The Notebook NEO Z3, with a 24-hour autonomy has been released in the “back-to-school” period
  • The Android-TV, featuring voice control will be launched ahead of Black Friday
  • A kitchen appliance will be launched in the course of 2021

Thomson entrusted Mikros MPC to bring the campaign to life creatively, also to create meaning for the market audience, and optimize the budget for the brand. The question was how to create a high level of crafted assets for a brand within a perfectly tailored and finetuned structure, optimizing costs so that the client receives the highest return on investment. Mikros MPC decided to break the creative model from the inside. Our talented multifaceted artists rethought the advertising production model; with a solid idea of how to go about developing this new approach, they entered the three agency pitch to create the next campaign for the brand Thomson.

As Thierry Metayer, Digital Project Manager at Thomson, stated:

“Mikros MPC presented us a “one-stop-shop” approach consisting of a holistic and tailor-made accompaniment from strategy to the craft and delivery of the movies, including the management of image bank, the various formats adapted to the distribution channels… They perfectly assimilated our values. Mikros MPC was the only supplier to propose to fully take charge of our campaign.”

Shaun Severi, Creative Director at Mikros MPC, was involved from the conception to the final delivery:

“We defined a strategy, we proposed an idea of what type of ‘friend’ Thomson would be; we co-developed the scripts and scenarios of the three spots, for which I focused on the products’ USPs and their target markets, without losing sight of the brand spirit and the attachment to solving family’s issues, with a touch of humor. The production, the direction, the craft and editing were fully completed by our in-house teams. This allowed us to come up with an efficient budget proposal and an unusual shooting planning – one day for three spots. We could achieve this because we knew exactly what was needed.”

Having all the teams collaborating on the project in the studio proved to be particularly efficient when the project timeline was challenged by the COVID crisis.

“We had to adapt our way of working and schedule but as Mikros MPC had already mastered the aspects of the project, the necessary modifications of the scripts were done in a very fluid way and in a challenging timeframe without compromising on the creativity and craft. In the end, they improved the initial concept,” explains Sebastien Crombez, Sales and Marketing Manager at Thomson.

Shaun Severi adds:

“These scripts were not all happening in one room, with just a few dialogue changes, they were taking place in multiple rooms with completely different storylines and lighting. A shoot schedule with over 60 shots would normally take an agency and production company two days to achieve.”

Hugo Allart, Head of Production at Mikros MPC, said:

“This is the first time that we offered 360° management of a campaign. With 35-years in VFX, post-production and production of multi-size advertising projects in France and Europe, we have forged our experiences in working with brands and understanding their needs and constraints. We knew that we had all competencies within our multi-disciplinary talent teams to respond to Thomson’s needs but more importantly this project goes beyond a usual collaboration. We have shared the same values in putting people at the centre of our activities, for creating with purpose, for trust and long-standing partnerships. I hope that this first experience will be a catalyst for many others to come.”

Claire Villeneuve, Head of Trademark Licensing at Technicolor, concludes:

“It was a real pleasure to work with Mikros MPC on this new campaign. It was the first time that a supplier proposed us an end-to-end solution, and above all, with a great level of creativity. Throughout the 10-month project, we held constructive discussions and we felt from the start that we would get results beyond expectations. The first movie reached more than 9 million impressions within two weeks only!”

See below the two other films of the campaign:

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