Tom FordBeauty Campaigns 2019

MPC helps create stunning campaign to launch multiple new Tom Ford lines

When Tom Ford wanted a sleek new campaign to launch their new skincare range, ready-to-wear line and men’s perfume Beau De Jour, they teamed up with director/fashion photographer Steven Klein, agency Kate Aubrey and MPC once again on a series of films – the very same creative team that delivered the previous Extrême campaign.

The ready-to-wear clothing line opts for understated yet glamorous simplicity, which is a notable departure from Tom Ford’s usual lines, while Tom Ford Research consists of high-end science-based skincare products.

The specialized finishing team at MPC, led by Creative Director Tom McCullough, enhanced all films in the stunning campaigns, which range from sleek and beautiful imagery for Research to black and white hues for Beau De Jour.

Tom said, “We wanted to keep everything natural and flawless across all campaigns, while still retaining the beauty in every shot. This was particularly important for the skincare films, which needed to have a flawless yet natural finish.”

The campaign marks a continuation of prestigious brands working with our finishing teams – we have also recently worked with Bobbi Brown, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. Tom commented, “This is exactly the type of work that our finishing department is built for, and it is a pleasure to be working with Tom Ford and the amazing team once again.”

Tom Ford – Research