Van Cleef & ArpelsPoetry of Time


Known over a century for its craftmanship, technical prowess and innovation, Van Cleef & Arpels has put storytelling and poetry at the heart of any of its watchmaking creations. For the 2017 commercial launch of six watches part of the “Poetic Complications” collection, Be Light Films consulted several studios for the creation of animated short film that would tell the story that each of the watches.

Seduced by the creative approach and the works demonstrated in the main title sequence for the feature film “Un Jour Mon Prince”, the teams of Mikros, under the direction of Vincent Venchiarutti, were entrusted to deliver this ambitious project and readapt the spirit of an animated feature film to commercial campaign formats. Indeed the original 3-min movie should be built around six sequences so that the brand could use dedicated sequences to promote the watches individually, without compromising on the fluidity of the overall story. This is why the creative teams gave a particular importance to the transition between each sequence.

After closely collaborating with Be Light Films on the rewriting of the scenario, the Mikros teams took charge of the direction, artistic direction, character design and settings. A complete in-house artistic production for Mikros for this movie that required a large array of artistic capabilities such as motion design, traditional animation and CG animation, concept designs, and compositing, …. With the real challenge to recreate each component of the watches in a stylized animation and depict them.

Poetry of Time” is a hybrid movie at the crossroads of traditional animation and motion design. As I am specialized in 2D animation projects, the film benefited from multiple influences coming from animation but also feature films. The main title sequence that I directed earlier gave us a strong artistic direction, but we had to boost the stage direction to meet the needs for an advert. This is why we gave an equal importance to the characters, the face of the watches and the sets. Bearing multiple caps on this project allowed us to carefully design the conception ,” says Vincent Venchiarutti, Director and Motion Design Supervisor, Mikros MPC.

You can view the Making Of of the movie by clicking here.