VasenProfessional Makes Greatness

MPC have teamed up with acclaimed director Zou Fei, production company DR Film and agency Langley (澜里) to create an epic 90sec film for Vasen, China’s leading heating, plumbing and water pipe manufacturer

In the film, we take an epic journey through deep ocean depths, a snowy tundra and jungles with life to show the water purification and heating power of Vasen.

Prior to the shoot MPC created a full CG previs to help understand the narrative. The previs allowed the production team to understand the extent of the set build, the lenses and size of the studio space required and became vital in the editing and storytelling process before CG shots were ready.

During the preproduction process MPC developed concept art for each of the main environments we see in the film. The concepts were based on the director’s detailed references, allowing the client to visualize the look and design of each environment in advance. The final shots didn’t stray too far from the initial concepts and references and everyone was on the same page from the beginning.

To allow full control in lighting and animation, the underwater diver sequence was done in full CG. This presented the biggest challenge for our team as Head of CG Christian Kalata explains:

“We specialize in full CG environments but the underwater sequence was a different and unique experience for us. The full CG approach allowed us to create bespoke lighting which we manipulated to show as much detail as possible. The difficult part about underwater is seeing enough light and details of the divers, but also adding enough particulate to avoid it looking too empty and space-like. The bubbles required extensive testing to capture the realism in look and behavior.”

MPC have previously worked with director Zou Fei on VFX heavy projects and thoroughly enjoy the collaborative freedom he provides.

Christian continues: “Working with Zou Fei was a great experience yet again. Whenever we reached a difficult junction for a particular sequence we would offer ideas and solutions to which he was extremely receptive. He understands the VFX process and the freedom to create invariably brings better end visuals.”

Zou Fei talked about his experience working with MPC on the project:

“I think the biggest challenge is that although the concept of the world view I conceived is a macro world, it needed environments on a grand scale to support it. It required a rich sense of seasons, different climates, and different geographical features. I knew that MPC was up to the challenge from the concept stage and the ideas from the script. We have collaborated many times before, it’s always a smooth and happy experience despite the high difficulty of the work.”