Mikros MPC was approached by Ogilvy to create three full CGI films featuring animated squirrels, bees, frogs, ladybirds, butterflies, dragonflies and caterpillars in stunning photoreal woodlands, demonstrating the brand’s new ecological commitment.


We wanted to create highly cinematic films, infused with magic, but grounded in reality. We created the animated menagerie and full CG environements and designed scenarios that would motivate the animal handovers in a believable way. As you would expect from a Vittel campaign the water was a key element of the setting with it needing to be realistic, pure, transparent and fully integrated in the setting. The 34 full CG scenes entailed a high level of detail on the animated characters, plants and water with refined lighting and colour to highlight the mood of the morning light.


The campaign picked up a CICLOPE Animation Bronze award and has been broadcast on television, online video and in print press, leading to new collaborations between Vittel, Ogilvy and Mikros MPC.


Ciclope – Animation (Bronze)