O2You and Me


To develop a completely new creative direction and brand mascot for O2’s fully integrated advertising campaign, highlighting the brands position as the UK’s No.1 Network and its focus on customer service and loyalty.


We brought to life Bubl – a loyal, blue, bubble-making, robot. We focused on Bubl’s body language and in particular their eye movement to help emphasize the emotion of the moments. We integrated the MPC cinematic and advertising experience so it was clear when Bubl was sad, excited, thinking, working. We also created a mechanic where Bubl produced O2 bubbles every time they helped someone to further endorse the brand. This major through the line campaign is amplified through social activity which includes a TikTok partnership, which saw the launch of the world’s first robot dance on the platform, created by our teams.


– 2.6 Billion people have watched and engaged with the TikTok dance alone.

– The launch of Bubl saw record-breaking 90% increase in orders in Q4 2020 vs Q4 2019.

– 18.8% growth in Black Friday PAYM market share vs 2019.

– 15.7% increase in ‘puts customers first’ perceptions vs 2019.

– Best score in Customer Consideration over the past 8 years.

– +42,000 Tik Tok Followers in 48 Hours and 15 million views on launch video.