Galeries Lafayette x Bee_NFluencerThe Christmas Beehive


In collaboration with Fondation de France for the 2019 holiday campaign of the Galeries Lafayette, Mikros MPC were tasked with creating the hero spot and various iterations (30s, 15s and 5s) and to design and animate the central character, ‘B’, the world’s first insect social media ‘influencer’.


This project combined two of our core specialties: mascots design & animation and motion design. Up until this point ‘B’ had only existed in still photos. The team at Mikros MPC needed to find the right balance between realism and enchantment in order to match the poetic tone of this advertisement. Artists at Mikros MPC used the plethora of still images from the Instagam account and adapted those into 3D assets to recreate the characteristics.


100k new followers on Instagram within 20 days with fixed images only.